Yushin RA-150DL

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Machine Range = 80-300Ton

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    Used Yushin RA-150DL Automation and Robots Equipment for sale. This pre-owned machine is a 2014 model and is available all over the US. If you wish to purchase or have any questions regarding our Robots feel free to Contact us! or request a quote.

    Machine ID 12432
    Plate R3778-ROBOTS, FULL SERVO
    Manufacturer Yushin
    Model Year 2014
    Model RA-150DL
    Sub category Robots
    • Traverse Stroke 1700mm
    • Main Arm Stroke 800mm
    • Sub Arm Main Stroke 850mm
    • Kick Stroke 535mm
    • Sub Arm Kick Stroke 535mm
    • Payload 5lbs
    • Electrics 200 volt
    • Designed for Machine Tonnage Range: 80-300Ton

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