Plastic Process Equipment (PPE) TAL-1.5VFX

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Plastic Process Equipment (PPE) TAL-1.5VFX

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450lb/hr Self Contained Loader

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    Used Plastic Process Equipment (PPE) Material handling machines for sale. This pre-owned machine is available all over the US. If you wish to purchase or have any questions regarding our Loaders And Receivers feel free to Contact us! or request a quote.

    Machine ID 12909
    Plate M0950-MATERIAL HANDLING, Loaders (self contained)
    Manufacturer Plastic Process Equipment
    Model Year
    Model TAL-1.5VFX
    Category Material Handling
    Sub category Loaders & Receivers
    • Specifications:
    • Pounds per hour 450
    • Inlet / Outlet line size: 1.5″
    • Voltage 115
    • Equipped With: Remote Control

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