Rigging or Transportation Help

We Move Machines

We offer transportation services for your equipment if you have no resources to do it yourself. 

At Hunter Plastics, we understand how difficult and frustrating the process can be when arranging trucks and riggers to move these large machines from point A to B and have everything go without any issues or delays that end up costing you more than you figured it for! Instead of hiring a third-party transportation service, ask us to handle your transportation and rigging for your newly bought or recently sold machinery! We can handle everything and make your experience as stress-free as possible. We will get the best prices, the right type of trucks and permits required (if needed) as well as making sure to arrange timing between the truckers and riggers to be sure there are no surprises or extra costs.

We have fully insured semi-trucks on standby waiting for our call, so don’t hesitate to ask us about our transportation services! Transportation insurance will be covered as well since you bought or sold the equipment through us.

Our rigging services are top of the line, and we emphasize the importance of handling your new machines or equipment correctly so that the machinery does not get damaged while being transferred from the truck to your floor.