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      Get Started On Your Great Investment at Hunter Plastics

      You don’t buy heavy machinery for short-term use. You buy it for long-term business usage and therefore it is an investment. So, We understand your needs, We are also one of the leading used plastics auxiliary suppliers, and we provide everything you need for your ideal injection molding machine, including a large inventory, great customer service, and affordable pricing. With our expert team on hand to assist you in finding the perfect equipment, you can rest assured that your purchase will be a great investment. To discuss more, call us today!

      How to choose the best used plastic injection molding machine?

      Choosing the right machine for your needs is the most crucial part. Consider these below-mentioned factors before you make a decision.

      Quality – We are talking about used plastic injection molding machines, so the obvious and first thing to look for is the Quality of the same. The Plastic Injection Molding Machines need to be inspected and tested before using it for production. We at Hunter Plastics have certain criteria to be met and it is only then we will buy and resale the machine for you. Settling for low-quality machines is not what we do and it will result in breakdown frequently, therefore loss for your business.

      Shot Size – Simply put, it is the maximum limit of the plastic injection we inject into the molding cavity of the machine. We at Hunter Plastics recommend going for a shot size 30 to 40% larger than what your plastic parts require.

      Clamping power – Also referred to as Tonnage, it is the maximum capacity of clamping force that the machine can produce. You have to choose the right amount of pressure required for you. Choosing a higher-pressure molding machine which you may not require, can consume more power. Not only that, it certainly can result in damaging the mold or the machine itself. Contact us to choose the best machine for you.

      Machine type – Choose the right type of machine suited for you out of three – Fully Electric, Hydraulic, and Hybrid plastic injection molding machine. These are just some of the factors and not covering the basics right may cause serious problems in the long run.

      Why Choose Hunter Plastics?

      Choosing the right and reliable seller matters the most. We at Hunter Plastics have provided services in the plastics industry for more than 30 years, from machine manufacturing to selling new, used machinery and auxiliary sales. We have the most technical expertise in this industry than any other dealer in North America! We hunt only the quality and reliable products for you and your satisfaction is our top priority.