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    Our Extensive Range of Material material-handling machines  

    Used Central Station Controllers

    Central station controllers form the nerve center of material handling systems. Our pre-owned Central station controllers are meticulously inspected, offering manufacturers a cost-effective solution to manage and control various aspects of material flow and handling within your plant.

    Used Conveyors and Separators

    Conveyors and separators contribute to the smooth movement of materials throughout the production line. Whether it’s transporting raw materials or segregating different components, our equipment ensures reliability and efficiency.

    Used Dust Collectors

    Maintaining a clean and safe working environment is important in plastic manufacturing. Our used dust collectors efficiently remove airborne particles, enhancing air quality and mitigating health and safety risks.

    Hoppers and Bins

    Our curated pre-owned hoppers and bins offer a variety of sizes and configurations to suit diverse manufacturing needs. By incorporating these machines into your manufacturing plant, you can optimize space, reduce material handling time, and improve overall storage efficiency.

    Loaders and Receivers

    The loaders and receiver machines we have for you are designed to handle various types of materials and are crucial for maintaining a continuous and efficient production flow. Our carefully inspected and refurbished loaders and receivers provide a cost-effective solution for all your material handling requirements.

    Vacuum Pumps

    Vacuum pumps are indispensable for material handling applications, particularly in industries like plastic manufacturing. Our pre-owned vacuum pumps are thoroughly inspected to ensure optimal performance, offering manufacturers a cost-effective solution for creating vacuum systems that enhance material handling capabilities.

    Take a look at our products and as we said before, you can always reach out to us if you’re not seeing what you want!