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    Ranger RT-200S3

    Year: 2012
    Machine ID: 12891
    Full Servo Robot for Injection Molding Machine 150-300 ton
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    How our Used Industrial Automation Equipment can Revolutionize Your Manufacturing Processes?  

    High Precision Movements

    Our curated collection of used Full Servo Robots and Sprue Pickers are designed for precise and smooth movements, ensuring accuracy in every task. From intricate pick-and-place operations to complex assembly tasks, these robots redefine automation precision.

    Adaptability to Your Growing Needs

    Doesn’t matter what stream of plastic manufacturing processes you are involved in, our used Industrial Automation Equipment are versatile enough to adapt to a wide range of applications for your plastic manufacturing needs.

    Quick & Easy to Train Your Staffs

    The Industrial Automation Equipment we have in store for you are designed to be intuitive, making automation a breeze for both experienced operators and those new to the world of plastic manufacturing industry.

    Trusted Performance

    We understand the importance of reliability in an used machinery. Our used machines undergo rigorous inspection to ensure consistent performance, allowing you to focus on your production goals with confidence.

    Why Choose Us?

    Expert Guidance

    Not sure which automation solution suits your needs? Our team of experts is ready to provide personalized guidance, ensuring you make an informed decision that aligns with your tailored production goals.

    Quality Assurance

    Every product we offer is backed by our commitment to quality assurance and 30 day satisfaction guarantee we offer for ALL of our machines! That takes guts and we have it! Rest assured that our Industrial Automation Equipment are engineered for durability and consistent performance.

    What else to say? Take a look at our curated list and boost your production efficiency now!