Injection Molding

Reliable Injection Molding Machines

Plastic injection molding machinery makes up about 75% of all primary plastics machinery. These essential machines are used to make basically anything from hearing aid parts to large parts like a hood to a tractor! Hunter Plastics offers a wide variety of injection molding machinery that is both a quality machine and good for the budget as well with our financing options!

Horizontal Plastic Injection Molders: operate by injecting melted plastic into a clamp that contains a mold with the shape of the final product. These machines are perfect for all parts from simple and easy, to intricate and complex while also taking great detail into each part. Our machine styles in our inventory include electric, hydraulic, toggle & hybrid, dual shot, and multi-shot.

Vertical Plastic Injection Molders: are used to create a product with an insert that the plastic molds around. Some examples of this would be screwdrivers or some small electrical components. 

Other types of injection molding machinery:

  • LIM Machinery
  • Thermostat Machinery
  • 2 Shot/2 Color Machinery
  • Micro Machinery