Plastic Extrusion

Plastic Extrusion Machines for All Types of Projects

Plastic Sheet Extrusion Equipment: We aim to provide high-performance sheet extrusion machinery for any and all manufacturing lines. These plastic sheet extrusion machines start with raw plastic, then melts it down and sends it through a flat sheet die. The plastic sheet machine then forms a continuous and neatly distributed plastic film that can be trimmed into a wide variety of products like weather stripping, panels, roll stock and much more! 

Single Screw Extrusion Machines: Single screw extrusion machines have only one screw operating with a cylinder that combines materials to push them through the die. This results in whatever final product shape you need. Our inventory at Hunter Plastics includes both air and water-cooled machines in a wide variety of dimensions

Twin Screw Extrusion Machines: Twin-Screw extruder machines have many screw diameters, configurations, and horsepower options and we carry a variety of different options to suit your needs. These machines are perfect for when special colors or attributes need to be added to plastic materials and can be used across all industries that deal with plastics.