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Blow molding provides a tremendous amount of value in your production line so you want to be able to have a machine you can count on with a name behind it like Hunter Plastics for support and maintenance if needed. Read more below about why you should choose us to provide your next blow molding machinery!

Accumulator Head: The accumulator head has a larger than average shot size which is perfect for industrial containers, large houseware items, and panels for automobiles. Works as an Intermittent Extrusion Blow Molding Machine. In this method, the extruder goes back and forth like an injection molder. Shot sizes for accumulator heads range from three to 75 pounds!

Injection Stretch: These machines have a two-step process that allows you to create a more durable product with less raw materials. Injection stretch machines use a preform made in the machine or in a separate injection molding machine, both using minimal raw material. 

Continuous Machine: We offer a machine that will sustain a high production run for those clients that need it. Continuous machines can be divided into rotary wheel and shuttle if needed. The screw in the machine is constantly turning and pumping out plastic. The average finished products from this machine would be industrial and consumer bottles, and food packaging. 

Reciprocating Screw: Reciprocating screw is perfect for molding small parts and is also an Intermittent Extrusion Blow Molding Machine like the accumulator head.

Injection Blow: Injection blow is ideal for creating small medical and research containers. In this machine, the plastic is injected onto metal rods that are then moved to a blow station followed by a removal station. Also, an additional station(s) can also be added for longer required cooling times.